Our values ​​define the character of our company, expressing who we are, how we behave and what we believe in.

The values ​​of our corporation are:

* Efficient working

* Continued Growth

* Responsibility to our community


Those qualities distinguish us from our competitors and it is important to us to keep them present everyday at work and to implement them.


Efficient working

Efficient working is any human activity that meets a need, whether economic, emotional or personal growth. For us work is important because only through it we can achieve our goals and at the same time we serve others.

Work is an opportunity in our lives to transform and improve the environment in which we live. The most meritorious achievements of people have been through their work with creativity, artistic sensitivity, inventiveness, and the most enriching forms of human relations that it develops.

Working is a privilege and therefore we strive to give it our best every day.

Continued Growth

In Galvatec Inc. we are convinced that every person maintains a constant improvement and development according to their abilities. People, just like companies must be in continuous development. There is always a new opportunity to grow so we can meet our real potential and develop our capabilities.

We have increased our personal skills and knowledge to offer a variety of products of the highest quality with competitive prices.

Nobody grows alone. Growth is achieved through joint efforts; interacting with others means best company, best worker, and better customer.

Responsibility to our community

Today, in a world without borders, it is impossible to live in isolation. The truth is that all personal or collective activity has an impact on society, therefore, commitment and attitude of service to the community is necessary now days.

Performing our job, fulfilling the agreement with our clients and suppliers, respecting the law, conserving resources, whether financial, human and material, are ways to practice this value. Social responsibility leads us to constantly seek the common good. This includes a wide array of behaviors ranging from compliance with the most general laws of our country to taking care of renewable and non-renewable energy.

Galvatec Inc. is your best choice in the steel industry in the Houston area!

In Galvatec Inc. you will find exactly what you need: the most qualified and trained personnel to meet your project’s needs, professionalism, full warranty and seriousness.

In Galvatec Inc. we are very committed to our customers.

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Our employees work hard to achieve the goal of total customer’s satisfaction, they also have the best conditions for their professional development.

In Galvatec Inc. we are flexible to market demands and to our customers, we are always offering the best solutions to meet their project’s goals.

We invite you to meet us and give us an opportunity to work together!

The satisfaction of our customers is our priority, so we consider important to fulfill our obligations on time and with high quality.