Gastronomy and Steel Structures

February 15, 2023by setuprankeo

For thousands of years, stainless steel has proven to be, time after time, a food-safe material. After all, it does not corrode, rust, expel any flavors or color when exposed to chemicals, or provide livable conditions for harmful pathogens. In terms of hygiene and durability, stainless steel is still surprising people and overtaking territory from other materials such as copper, wood and plastic, to name a few, and making noise within the food and drink industries, as exposed in the article “The Food Industry and Steel”, which exposes how steel storages and containers excel other material when talking about the production of syrup and wine specially. It also exposes how important it is for things that are going to be destined to human consumption to be highly and efficiently sanitized under hygienic conditions, and again, steel outshines all other materials in this point as well.

In the past, stainless steel was used mainly in cutlery, but if you pay attention to today’s trend stainless steel can be found everywhere, both after or before the kitchen and even in the structure of the food service place. It is a well-known fact that steel can be found in industrial ovens, kitchen countertops, cutlery and so, but what this article aims to approach is how steel is even used in the face of the restaurant. 

Re-using shipping containers in home building is a well known environmentally friendly, less expensive, quick, modern, and durable option when evaluating the different offers in the house building market. It is no surprise that the food industry would take little or no time to adapt this trend to its needs and uses. This is how the popular and acclaimed by the public shipping containers as pop-up restaurants trend started. 

Specially in times of a world pandemic is only natural that people will prefer consuming from this type of food servers given that they can enjoy both the food and the fresh air. “People are probably going to avoid crowds, cramped seating indoors, and breathing other people’s air,” says BoxPop®’s VP of Specialty Construction, Matt Egan, for Britten Magazine. “A shipping container business is different because it’s all about outside flexibility, mobility, and space. You can set them up anywhere outdoors. Inside, they provide floor space for stoves, coolers, taps, and your workers. For your customers, it’s grab-and-go or you can configure comfortable seating around your pod anyway you want”. Again, when talking about steel, flexibility and functionality can not be ignored. 

Additionally, shipping containers require of little investment compared to any other type regarding the food industry. It is a perfect way to make your first steps in the industry, given that it requires of the minimum investment. 

What is more, given that shipping containers are made out of steel and that this is an extremely durable and resistant material that can overcome extreme weather conditions, they are an investment which you can rely on. Having the right permits, a steel container allows the owner to leave it out on the street where it serves customers knowing that no matter the weather conditions his property will not be damaged.