Prefab Metal Buildings: Your New, Modern, and More Accessible home

February 15, 2023by setuprankeo

Prefabricated steel buildings are the structures of the future – the future of industrial development, warehousing, storage, and even homes. Yes, that’s right, homes. Homes made out of steel are becoming a popular housing trend as a less expensive, quick, safe, secure, and efficient option for future homeowners. 

Steel is one of the fastest growing housing trends across the country given that there is a growing demand for affordable, functional homes that are both safe and secure. As steel buildings gain in popularity and design, more consumers are turning towards steel as their building material of choice. When you think about steel buildings, you typically think of warehouses, hangars, garages and industrial buildings, but you do not necessarily think of houses. But with the versatility which allows the owner to play with it as he may and efficiency of steel construction, it is quickly becoming a very real option. Prefab metal homes are constructed cost-effectively with minimal environmental impact and providing lasting overall durability.

Many have the misconception that prefab homes made from metal structures are not harmonically esthetical. However, this type of construction has developed noticeably since its first steps in the home constructing industry. In fact, it now offers just as many customizations in terms of appearance as a traditional building made out of wood, accepting a wide variety of finishes that enable you to match it with any of the other homes or structures in the surrounding area. It can also me combined with big glass windows for a modern and industrialized yet fresh look.

Unlike traditional construction that produces considerable waste prefab metal homes are essentially a kit, shipped complete by the company of choice, such as Galvatec Inc., and designed to fit together piece by piece, reducing material leftovers to 0%. This method of easy assembly dramatically reduces building time and therefore the overall cost of assembly, which could be reduced even more if the owner wished to get involved in the building (which is only advised in cases in which the owner has building experience to reduce risks). In fact, some estimates report that construction costs for a metal structure may be 60% less than a wood-frame building. For example, stud framed buildings cost between $23 and $40 per square foot whereas steel frame construction can be as low as $12 to $18 per square foot.

Adding on to your prefab metal structure is as easy as removing the end or sidewalls, attaching new framework, and adding wall and roof panels that match your current design, making of the expansion process an easy and fast process, which is just as easy during construction as it is after construction. It is also far more cost-effective than a traditional remodel which, in addition to the wood framework, will require drywall and insulation, not to mention drilling and customizations throughout to accommodate electrical and plumbing. This point, which is often ignored by new house owners, makes prefab metal buildings a highly attractive option.