Steel Buildings: The Shielders of Your Thousands of Dollars

February 16, 2023by setuprankeo

Hard work makes the dreamwork. All hardworking people know that results come from sacrifice. And there is nothing more rewarding that being able to buy your dream motorcycle, your dream horse, your dream car, or even your dream plane. These are all things that cost thousands and even hundreds of dollars. There would be nothing more devastating than working hard, missing out on things, making out-of-this-world sacrifices to buy a well-deserved present for yourself and waking up one day after a strong storm and watching the results of years of sacrifices damaged or even destroyed.

Steel buildings are extremely popular for shielding valuable goods, as exposed in the article “Steel Buildings: The future of Architecture”. Below you will find reasons for constructing stables or garages with metal and even some examples of said metal buildings. 

Why is metal optimum for your horse stable?

Often cost is a big factor when choosing materials for a new post frame barn structure, but in many cases the costs of materials and labor for wood or metal come out even, making it hard for the property owner to decide. Some of the main considerations horse owners must weigh when choosing between metal and wood are insulation, maintenance, durability, safety and appearance.

  • Insulation: steel barns can be insulated, assuring the horse owners that their animal’s health and safety will be properly taken care of. 
  • Maintenance: When talking about the construction of stables, wood comes us the competitor of metal buildings. Even though some wood exteriors are made to weather without paint, the majority require periodic painting or staining to prevent rot and maintain their beauty. To some, this is a major point in metal’s favor. Metal buildings have been known to last 30 years and more without repainting. In addition, wood is prone to rot, animal and insect damage, and some horses cannot take their teeth off it. For ease of maintenance and weather resistance, metal is the clear winner.
  • Durability: For many who choose a metal barn, durability is another major advantage. Steel is naturally strong and can withstand years of weather extremes without damage, although it is vulnerable to denting when pelted by hail or kicked by an active horse.
  • Safety: Though not the more, some horses have kicking problems, and if there was some exposed metal piece the animal could result injured. However, kick boards can be installed to protect the horse from himself. These go on the interior walls. 
  • Appearance: Some people prefer the look of a wood sided barn, while others prefer the clean look of metal. Even though Beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder, it can surely be affirmed that when talking about innovation and modernity, steel is the way to go, which gives the stable a more industrialized look, different to wood, which gives off a more traditional vibe. 

Why is metal optimum for your car garage?

Do you need a garage building? There’re many factors that you’ll have to consider before you get your garage installed. One of these factors, and the one that concerns us the most, is the building material.

You can go with steel, concrete, or wood. Out of all these materials, steel is the most durable. It is also safer for contractors to work with.

Why are steel garage buildings superior to wood or concrete? Well, basically because if you live in a place affected by hurricane winds, steel garage buildings are the only way to go because of how resistant it is. It can handle hurricane winds without falling over. This means you will not have to worry about being crushed if you are in the garage when the storm hits. Metal is also fire resistant, so you will not have to worry about your garage burning down. Steel is also safer to work with, as it comes in parts that are easy to assemble (in case you want to build it yourself which should only happen in cases of experience, in case one does not have the required experience to assemble a metal building in a durable and proper way, there are a lot of companies, such as Galvatec Inc. that will make your dream metal building true), which cuts down labor costs and time. It is also safer for contractors to install. 

Metal is exceptionally durable. As long as you take care of your steel structure building, it will stand strong for years to come. Steel does not corrode or warp. It also packs tons of tensile strength.