Unlike traditional shingles, it is very resistant against stains, moisture and mildew.

Metal Roofing provides 100% protection from sunlight, rain, wind, fire, hail, and inclement weather.

It’s made from a strong material, it offers different designs, its lightweight material doesn’t cause the structure to sink and the installation is fast and not complicated.

Some of the reasons it is a great investment for your home or business are: no maintenance is required, it’s eco-friendly, 100% recyclable, its lifetime is over 40 years and it saves money on electricity bills.

Yes, they are. We manufacture all of the components required for our Standard and Customized Metal Buildings in our facility and we make sure our professional personnel follows strict quality control guidelines in every building.

Yes, we do! We can help you choose the metal components and accessories required for your project. Our professional staff will answer all of your questions about our products and how we can help you in your projects.

The first is to contact us through our contact form here on our website and one of our sales representatives will contact you immediately to assist with everything necessary for your project. They will help provide a solution that meets your particular needs, from design to delivery. You can also call our office at 281 372 1313 for immediate help and our qualified staff will be happy to assist you in everything to make your project as you wish.

Yes, our metal products can be recycled countless times, which helps the environment by not producing more manufacturing waste.


The installation is simple. The main building parts are bolt-together and all secondary framing is attached directly to the main frames. All building parts are marked using laser technology for easier identification and faster assembly, saving you time and money on labor costs.

No, they are not. Metal will guide the electricity to the ground, making it safe for people located inside the building. Lightning may affect any target and metal have an advantage in this case because metal won’t burst into flames if it gets struck by lightning.

Building codes are regulations regarding the minimum standards allowed in the construction of a building and the may change anytime. Therefore, we suggest you consult your local permit’s authorities to make sure the building code required in your area hasn’t recently changed.

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